The Attorney General responds to our letter about incompatible offices

CARRD got this letter from the Attorney General’s office.

In a nutshell, they are not going to do anything until they finish writing an Opinion. State Senator Alan Lowenthal requested an opinion at the end of August and one has not been issued yet. We have read ten years worth of similar opinions and are wondering what is taking so long.  They are 3-4 pages long and most of that is just a restatement of the law.  The opinions follow a formula. Are they both offices ?  Is there any potential conflict imaginable? Is there an exemption in state law?  It is remarkably straightforward.

Time is of the essence. The segment to receive the first $4.7 billion in funding will be determined at the next couple of meetings. This decision will be tainted if the situation is not resolved PRONTO.

Our letter to the Attorney General

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