Technical Memos

The following technical memos are NOT available on the California High Speed Rail Authority’s website to date. CARRD obtained these memos through a lengthy series of Public Records Requests over the course of 6 persistent months. We continue to request the documents which are presumably completed but have not been released.

The information came with the following caveats:

These documents are the basis from which the HSRA is currently performing the 15% and 30% design engineering. These documents inform a future “Design Manual” that will be used by the design teams to prepare the 100% designs to build the California High Speed Train Project. Therefore, while these documents provide guidance to the Program Management Team and the Regional Consultants teams, they are not necessarily the final criteria and standards to which the High Speed Train will be designed and built.

The approximate 50 miles on the San Francisco Peninsula are unique to the statewide High Speed Train system and will have some of their own design requirements due to the shared corridor concept that is being planned with CalTrain.

We’ll add a few more caveats:

These documents are guidelines authored by Parsons Brinckerhoff program management staff, ensuring that early designs for each section (performed by HNTB for San Francisco – San Jose) are consistent and compatible. They are not a “design bible” for detailed 100% engineering.

The documents cover the entire state, which consists primarily of 220-mph very high speed, dedicated tracks. The SF peninsula will have 125-mph top speeds in a shared corridor with Caltrain and freight trains, so use proper care when applying to or inferring conclusions about specific peninsula situations. The peninsula-specific memo (TM 1.1.7) was due for initial release in June 2010.

The documents are a snapshot in time as of December 2010. We continue to request the remaining documents and will post them as we receive them.

CHSRA’s Technical Memorandums
Doc Title Target
TM 0.0 CHSTP Tech Memo Style Guide Completed No
TM 0.0a Terms and Acronyms R1 A Completed Yes
TM 0.1 15% Design Scope – R1 080512 Completed Yes
TM 0.1.1 30% Design Scope   No
TM 0.2 Tech Memo Review Protocol Completed No
TM 0.3 CHSTP Basis of Design Report R1 071220 Completed Yes
TM 0.3 Basis of Design Policy 30-Jun-09 No
TM 0.4 Project Development Process – R0 Completed No
TM 0.5 Coordination with Caltrans PID Process R1 091230 Completed Yes
TM 0.6 Risk Register Development Protocol R1 100301 Completed Yes – NEW
TM 0.7 Design Submittal Protocol R1 090708 Completed Yes
TM 0.8 Programmatic Cost Update Methodology and Back-up – R0 Completed No
TM 0.9 Draft RPA Protocol 30-Jun-10 No
TM 1.1.0 Design Criteria – Initial Release – Alignment and Platforms – R1 Completed Yes – NEW
TM 1.1.1 Codes Regs Standards Guidelines R0 090710 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.2 Design Life R0 096004 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.4 Survey and Mapping R1 100302 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.5 CHSTP CADD Guidelines R2 100309 A Completed Yes
TM 1.1.6 Align Stds for Shared Use Corridor LA to Anaheim R0 071217 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.7 Shared Use Corridor HST Criteria – Caltrain Corridor 30-Jun-10 No
TM 1.1.8 Demarcation of Subdivisions and Milepost Numerics R0 090916 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.8 SubdivisionMilepostMap_080409 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.8A Directive Dwg SystemwideSchematic100308 Completed Yes – NEW
TM 1.1.9 Flooding and Drainage 30-Jun-10 No
TM 1.1.10 Directive Drawings 100416 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.10 High Speed Equipment Structure Gauges R0 100319 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.16 Shared Use Corridor HST Criteria Completed No
TM 1.1.18 Design Variance Guidelines R0 080602 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.19 15% Capital Cost Method R0 090720 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.21 Directive Drawings 100803 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.21 Typical Cross Section 15% R0 090404 Completed Yes
TM 1.1.22 Cost Estimating 30% Methodology – R0 30-Jun-10 No
TM 2.1.2 Alignment Design Standards R0 090326 Completed Yes
TM 2.1.3 Directive Dwgs TurnoutsAndStationTracks 100409 Completed Yes – NEW
TM 2.1.3 Directive Dwgs TypInterlockSchematics 100308 Completed Yes – NEW
TM 2.1.3 Turnouts and Station Tracks R0 090629 Completed Yes
TM 2.1.5 Track Design 31-Mar-10 No
TM 2.1.6 Ballastless Track 31-Dec-09 No
TM 2.1.7 Intrusion Protection 081025 Completed Yes
TM 2.1.8 Turnouts and Yard Tracks R0 090717 Completed Yes
TM 2.2.2 Station Program Design Guidelines R0 090219 Policy 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 2.2.3 HST Passenger Station Site Des Guidelines R0 090410 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 2.2.4 C and D Directive Dwgs 100604 Completed Yes – NEW
TM 2.2.4 Directive Drawings 090729 Completed Yes
TM 2.2.4 Station Platform Geometric Design R1 100630 Completed Yes
TM 2.3.1 Aesthetic Guidelines for HS Aerial Structures 30-Jun-09 No
TM 2.3.2 Structure Design Loads R1 100617 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 2.3.3 Directive Drawings 090707 30-Sep-09 Yes
TM 2.3.3 HST Aerial Structure R0 090602 30-Sep-09 Yes
TM 2.4.2 Basic Tunnel Config R0 090730 A 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 2.4.2 Directive Drawings 090730 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 2.4.5 Tunnel Structure Design R0 100729 31-Mar-10 Yes – NEW
TM 2.4.5A DirDwg MinedRockTunnelTypCrossSectDraind 100630 31-Mar-10 Yes – NEW
TM 2.4.6 Tunnel Portal Facilities R0 100621 31-Mar-10 Yes – NEW
TM 2.4.8 Service Maint Considerations for HST Tunnels R0 100625 31-Mar-10 Yes – NEW
TM 2.5.1 Structural Design of Surface Facilities and Bldgs R0 100610 30-Jun-10 Yes – NEW
TM 2.6.3 Hydrology 31-Dec-09 No
TM 2.6.4 Floodplain 30-Sep-09 No
TM 2.6.5 Hydraulics and Hydrology Design Guidelines R0 100608 31-Mar-10 Yes – NEW
TM 2.6.7 Earthwork and Track Bed Design Guidelines R0 090723 30-Sep-09 Yes
TM 2.7.4 Utility Rqmts for 15 Percent Design R0 081120 Completed Yes
TM 2.8.1 Safety and Security 30-Sep-09 No
TM 2.8.2 Access Control   No
TM 2.9.1 Geotech Investigation Guidelines R0 090522 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 2.9.2 Geotech Reports Preparation Guidelines R0 090522 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 2.9.3 – Geologic & Seismic Hazard Analysis Guidelines 090615 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 2.9.4 prelim Active/Capable Fault Locations and Design Considerations 30-Sep-09 No
TM 2.9.5 Prelim Design Earthquake Guidelines for 30% Design 31-Mar-10 No
TM 2.9.6 Interim Ground Motion R0 100304 31-Mar-10 Yes – NEW
TM 2.9.7 Acceleration Response Spectra for Final Design 31-Dec-10 No
TM 2.9.9 Final Ground Motions for MCE, DBE & LDBE for Final Design 31-Dec-10 No
TM 2.9.10 Geotechnical Design Guidelines R0 100630 31-Dec-10 Yes – NEW
TM 2.10.1 Seismic Performance Criteria and Design Basis 30-Jun-09 No
TM 2.10.2 Technical Advisory Panel Work Plan 30-Jun-09 No
TM 2.10.3 Technical Advisory Panel Summary 30-Jun-10 No
TM 2.10.4 Interim Seismic Criteria R0 090608 31-Dec-09 Yes
TM 2.10.5 15% Seismic Design Benchmarks R0 100329 30-Sep-09 Yes – NEW
TM 2.10.6 Fault Rupture Analysis and Mitigation R0 100611 31-Mar-10 Yes – NEW
TM 2.10.7 Final Seismic Design Criteria 30-Sep-10 No
TM 2.10.8 Structures Type Selection Level Studies Development Procedures 30-Sep-10 No
TM 2.10.9 Final Fault Crossing Design Criteria and Guidance (30% Design and Final Design) 31-Dec-10 No
TM 2.10.10 Track Structure Interaction R0 100630 31-Dec-10 Yes – NEW
TM 2.10.11 Passenger Comfort Design Criteria for Structures (30% Design and Final Design) 31-Dec-10 No
TM 2x25kV Autotransformer System R2 100331 A Completed Yes
TM R2 Directive Dwgs 100608 Completed Yes
TM Traction Power Facilities General Stdization Reqts R2 100610 Completed Yes
TM OCS/NF Feeds 30-Jun-09 No
TM Initial Segment Completed No
TM Full System 30-Sep-09 No
TM Directive Drawing A 31-Dec-09 Yes – NEW
TM Utility Power Supply for TPS R1 100615 31-Dec-09 Yes
TM Directive Drawing A 31-Dec-09 Yes – NEW
TM Utility Power Supply for TPS R1 100615 31-Dec-09 Yes
TM 3.3.1 ATC Concept of System R0 100625 (was Suitability for US Safety Requirements) 30-Jun-10 Yes – NEW
TM 3.3.1 Directive Dwgs R0 100625 30-Jun-10 Yes – NEW
TM 3.3.2 ATC Site Requirements R0 100625  Completed Yes – NEW
TM 3.3.2 Directive Dwgs R0 100625  Completed Yes – NEW
TM 3.3.3 ATC Wayside Power Supply Options R0 100625 (was Positive Train Control) 31-Dec-09 Yes – NEW
TM 3.3.4 Directive Drawings.pdf Completed Yes – NEW
TM 3.3.4 Grounding and Bonding Reqts for Train Control and Comms R0 100610.pdf Completed Yes – NEW
TM 3.4.1 Topology 31-Dec-09 No
TM 3.4.2 Communications Systems Site Requirements R0 100701 Completed Yes – NEW
TM 3.4.2 Directive Drawings 100708 Completed Yes – NEW
TM 3.4.3 Network Management System 31-Mar-10 No
TM 3.4.4 Communications Backbone Technology and Communications Protocol 30-Jun-10 No
TM 3.4.10 Electromagnetic Compatibility Design Criteria 30-Jun-09 No
TM 3.4.11 EMI Footprint Procedure R0 100331 A Completed Yes – NEW
TM 3.4.12 SCADA Requirements for Traction Electrification System and Equipment 31-Mar-10 No
TM 4.1 LOSSANConcOpsReport R2 080721 (No appendices) Completed Yes
TM 4.1 LOSSANConcOpsReport R2 Appendix A Network Schematics Completed Yes
TM 4.1 LOSSANConcOpsReport R2 Appendix B Stringlines (part 1) Completed Yes
TM 4.1 LOSSANConcOpsReport R2 Appendix B Stringlines (part 2) Completed Yes
TM 4.1.1 Two Track Station Configuration LA to Ana R0 090710 Completed Yes
TM 4.2 Phase 1 Service Plan R0 081120 Completed Yes
TM 4.3 Train Service Plan – Full Build 30-Jun-09 Yes – Jan
TM 4.3 Apx A1 Train Service Plan – Full Build, Stopping Patterns Completed Yes – Jan
TM 4.3 Apx A3 Train Service Plan – Full Build, String Lines Completed Yes – Jan
TM 4.3 Apx A4 Train Service Plan – Full Build, Equipment Cycles Completed Yes – Jan
TM 4.4 OEM Cost Model – R0 30-Sep-09 No
TM 5.1 Directive Drawings 090722 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 5.1 Terminal and HMF Guidelines R0 090825 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 5.2 Directive Drawings 090723 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 5.2 MOW Maintenance Plan and Facility Requirements 30-June 09 No
TM 5.3 Facilities Requirements Summary 090831 30-Jun-09 Yes
TM 6.1 Selected Train Technologies R0 08.05.30 Completed Yes
TM 6.2 Intro f Euro/Asian Rolling Stock to California 30-Sep-09 No
TM 6.3 Trainset Configuration Analysis R0 090923 Completed Yes – NEW
Start of Revenue Service Flowchart (included with TM 0.4 Project Development Process R0) Completed No
TM 7.2 FRA Criteria Applicability Memo 30-Jun-09 No
TM 7.3 Intl Rail Standards R0 090427 30-Jun-09 Yes – NEW
TM 7.4 Hazard Identification and Mitigation 30-Sep-09 No
TM 7.5 FRA System Overview 31-Dec-09 No
TM 7.6 Product Safety Plan Outline 30-Jun-09 No
TM 7.7 RSPP Safety Plan Outline 30-Jun-09 No