Contact info for California State Legislators

Sacramento Legislators have encouraged stakeholders and the public to correspond with any and all state legislators who are involved in decisions related to the high-speed rail project. The following tables describe the relevant committees; each table is accompanied by a list of email addresses which can be easily copied and inserted into an email.

Please note that it’s customary to address the legislators by their position and committee name. This clarifies the context in which you are writing. If you omit this, there is a risk that your correspondence will be overlooked or forwarded to your own legislative representative.

It’s also advisable that you keep your emails brief and state the main purpose in the first sentence or two.

A printer-friendly Word doc with these committee tables and email addresses is available for your quick reference. You are welcome to print, post, or forward it as you see fit.This information is up-to-date as of February 9, 2011. Corrections, additions, etc. are welcome.