Business Plan

The California High Speed Rail Authority has produced a number of business plans since its establishment in 1996, in response to legislative mandates. CARRD has participated by submitting comments, providing invited testimony to various California State Legislative committees and the US House Transportation committee, and has received a number of important related documents through Public Records Act requests.

  • The first plan was issued in 2000.
  • The next plan was published in 2008, just after the November 2008 election in which voters approved a high speed rail bond measure.
  • The CHSRA was required to produce another business plan by December 15th, 2009 to address specific issues the legislature had with the 2008 Business Plan.
  • Additional legislation  required the CHSRA to produce an updated plan every two years.


The 2008 Business Plan

CARRD Comments on the 2008 High Speed Rail Business Plan

The 2009 Business Plan 

CARRD’s Preview of the CHSRA 2009 Business Plan

Detailed budget numbers for the 2009 plan

Organizational assessment of the CHSRA by KPMG in 2009

Invited testimony to a joint meeting of the California State Senate Transportation Committee and Budget Subcommittee on January 19th, 2010

The 2012 Business Plan

Detailed budget for 2012 Revised Business Plan

Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO)  reports on the plans

CARRD had concerns about the Funding Plan certified by the California High Speed Rail Authority at their November 2011 board meeting. The Funding Plan is a requirement of AB3034.

You can read our one pager outlining our concerns here.

Or, see the letter we sent to the Authority here.