Following the developments of the California high speed rail project is a never-ending task! This section includes links to a variety of important resources.

Business Plan
There have been a number of Business Plans created for project. Find links to all the different renditions, as well as CARRD’s analysis.

CARRD obtained significant data regarding the ridership forecasting. This section contains the actual data used in the ridership forecast, along with an explanation.

CARRD transcribes and maintains a library of transcripts from significant legislative hearings, board meetings, media interviews, etc. This section contains transcripts of those important events along with links to their original sources.

Caltrain ROW maps
See how much space is available in the existing Caltrain Right of Way for additional tracks for High Speed Rail.

Monterey Highway ROW Maps

Open Government
Learn about your rights to participate in public meetings and get access to public information.

Incompatible Offices (Conflict of Interest)

Learn about the letter issued by the legislative counsel determining that two California High Speed Rail board members currently have a conflict of interest.

CHSRA’s Messaging Survey

CARRD takes a closer look at the results of the CHSRA’s messaging survey conducted in the Spring of 2010.

Progress Reports

Acquired through Public Records Request, these are the monthly progress reports from the Program Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff.

System Requirements

A copy of the documents included in the Authority’s FRA application submitted on August 6th, 2010. These were acquired through a Public Records Request.

Technical Memos

Acquired through a lengthy series of Public Records Requests, these documents are guidelines authored by Parsons Brinckerhoff, the High-Speed Rail Authority’s Program Manager, ensuring that early designs for each section are consistent and compatible.