Latest Business Plan – Where’s the beef?

The highly anticipated Revised Business Plan for the California High Speed Rail project will be approved by the Authority at their board meeting in less than 48 hours but the Authority has still not posted the supporting documents for this plan.

CARRD has been urging the Authority to release this information since last week and in an email to the Authority, we wrote in part:

“This plan is going to a board vote in less than 48 hours, yet presumably board members – and certainly the public – do not have access to these important additional materials. Without them it is impossible to accurately evaluate the Business Plan. We reiterate our concern about the board voting on a multi-billion dollar project without access to supporting information. It is difficult to have confidence in their vote under these conditions.

There is also the obvious transparency problem of not making these materials available to the public in a timely manner. CARRD has repeatedly made this request to you and to the Chair and select board members, and cc’d our state reps. It is troublesome that we find ourselves continuously in this role of asking for a minimum level of transparency that should need no prodding. The board’s rushed vote with incomplete data is equally disturbing. ”

While we await the release of these key documents, here are some initial thoughts on the business plan.

CARRD initial thoughts on Revised 2012 HSR Business Plan – Where’s the Beef?

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