CSS Toolkit for SF-SJ segment

Context Sensitive Solutions Toolkit (posted April 2, 2010)

The following is information from The Peninsula Rail Program website regarding the toolkit. Please click here to view the full text and the links to the various documents referenced.

The Peninsula Rail Program  has developed the Context Sensitive Solutions toolkit for stakeholders of the San Francisco to San Jose section of the California High-Speed Train Project. The purpose of the toolkit is to provide a methodical approach for both providing technical and project information to stakeholders and for soliciting a wide range of inputs that will be used to further shape the project alternatives.

The toolkit includes:

  • Reference Documents – These provide generic/typical information about the multitude of factors that must be considered to develop this project for this corridor.
  • Exercises – The exercises aid in identifying/broadening the understanding of what is desirable and feasible and are the “bridge” or “translator” between the community goals and the project design.
    1. Exercise 1 – Mapping Context (Available April 2, 2010)
    2. Exercise 2 – Grade Separation Methods (Available April 2, 2010)
    3. Exercise 3 – Stations
    4. Exercise 4 – Local Design Solutions
    5. Exercise 5 – Knitting the Corridor Together

The toolkit provides options so Stakeholders can select the “tools” that are of interest to them. Some may find that a lot of questions are answered simply by reading the different reference documents. Others may choose to complete just one or two of the exercises. More information and exercises will be added to the toolkit over the life of the project, and all will be available on Caltrain/PRP website.

Click here to link to the PRP website and view the Tool Kit.

Note from CARRD: If you are printing out the documents, 11 x 17 sheets of paper work best.