CARRD’s EIR Reviews

CARRD shares our reviews and officially submitted comments for High Speed Rail EIRs in this section.

San Francisco to San Jose – Preliminary Alternatives Analysis

One design alternative carried forward for most sections of the Caltrain Corridor is the At Grade option.  This means the tracks stay at ground level and any grade separations are accomplished by road separations (either as overpasses or underpasses).  Page 51, Table 4-5 of the Preliminary Alternatives Analysis describes the general design considerations for a typical road separation.

To help visualize this alternative in context, this Google map was marked up for the At Grade option for three intersections in Palo Alto, with the assumption of Road Underpasses. This is NOT official HSRA map.  It is meant to help the community visualize impacts and to aid in constructive input into the EIR process.  The HSRA has not decided on any alternatives yet and this map is conceptual only.

Bay Area to Central Valley

The Program level review for the Bay Area to Central Valley was originally finalized and certified in June 2008.  Subsequent litigation required the Authority to rescind certification and recirculate a new draft.

The original  Bay Area to Central Valley Final Program EIR/EIS
The updated Bay Area to Central Valley Revised Draft Program EIR Material.

CARRD extensively reviewed the Program Level EIRs for the Bay Area to Central Valley and submitted two comment letters during the April 2010 recirculation period.

Archive materials:  CARRD provided the following to serve as a living document during the comment period as a means of collecting and collating various issues and discrepancies found with the EIRs : pdf file or a Word doc.