CHSRA Board: Don’t approve the contract today and are you sure you are under budget?

**Read our letter to the Board**

The California High Speed Rail Authority Board is scheduled to approve a Design-Build contract for the civil engineering work for 29 miles (trackwork, stations and electrification will be done later).

We are urging the Authority to defer this decision and we are also raising the issue that we believe the project is now above budget. The original project budget also included costs for project management and environmental mitigation. The project budget today still includes those, the $985 million D-B contract plus a $53 million allowance/contingency for utility relocation and hazardous materials, as well as a number of items that were originally in the D-B contract scope but will now be contracted separately.
By our calculations, the project costs are our now at $1,606,273,000, with no contingency remaining besides the part of the $53 million that is considered contingency. This compares to an original, approved budget of $1,544,341,000 that included $66 million in contingencies. (
Category Amount Notes
Design-build contract $985,000,000
Provisional sums (utility, building hazardous, slush fund) $53,000,000
Caltrans move 99 $180,000,000 Excludes ROW acquisition part of $226 million contract
City of Fresno excluded work $60,000,000 Veterans Blvd Overpass Total project cost  $111 million
City of Fresno excluded work $15,000,000  Golden State Boulevard improvements
PG & E $50,000,000 Gas, high voltage, electrical relocation
AT & T $12,497,000 Task orders 1 & 2
UP contract costs $15,000,000
BNSF contract costs $15,000,000
Program management $208,776,000 Includes Construction Management Contract
Misc (environmental/ Business relocation) $12,000,000
Total Build Cost $1,606,273,000
Original Build Budget $1,544,341,000 Included $66 million contingency
Current contingency ($61,932,000)

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**Read our letter to the Board**


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