Can the HSRA meet their 2:40 travel time promise?

At the High-Speed Rail Authority’s board meeting last week, the Board and public were told that under the Phase 1 Blended Plan the travel time between SF and LA could meet the Prop 1A requirement of 2 hours and 40 minutes. A slide in this presentation reinforced the statement.












However, in the supporting documents for the Revised Business Plan, the travel time was demonstrated to be 3 hours for the same Phase 1 Blended conditions.

We have two points to make: first, that these travel times are unrealistic given the route and project specifics as described in the Revised Business Plan – meeting Prop 1A’s travel time requirements will be challenging if not impossible under this revised plan. Second, that the Board and the public are given a different set of ‘facts’ from the supporting analyses is disturbing.

The graphics might be hard to see, so here’s CARRD’s one-pager on this problem. 

If you want to understand why sharing tracks for 50 miles with a local rail service that makes frequent stops could affect travel times, look at the Caltrain Blended Plan study available here.


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