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California High Speed Rail Project : How far does $1.232 billion get you?

On December 9th, the Federal Railroad Administration awarded the California High Speed Rail Authority another $616 million to extend the train tracks planned for the Central Valley. The terms of this money require California to match the funds with $616 million of its own dollars, bringing the total available to $1.232 billion. The Authority will […]

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California High Speed Rail Peer Review Committee Releases Critical Report

Peer Review Report November 2010 The High-Speed Rail Authority’s independent Peer Review Group released this extensive report detailing issues that confront the HSRA. Highlights of the report are covered by Dan Walters, New study sharply criticizes high-speed rail project, and John Cox, Peer report calls for ‘thorough reassessment’ of high-speed rail project, who outlines the […]

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CARRD’s comments on corridor selection process

Elizabeth Alexis from CARRD made these comments at the December 2, 2010 California High Speed Rail Authority Board meeting in Sacramento, in response to the corridor selection decision: You are being asked to keep hope alive in Merced. Sometimes it is better to just rip off the bandaid. The staff memo lays out an efficient […]

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